A Load of Bull

inspired by a picture of a cowboy at a rodeo, tossed backward off a bull and a prompt to write from the point of view of the bull

I warned you, I’m not in a good mood! The headbutt, snorting and grunting should have clued you in, but no. I knocked you down and all you could do was get up and dust yourself off before trying to ride me again. And those guys on the horses? They aren’t a threat. I could charge after them, but I respect the horses too much to scare them. I actually care about my fellow creatures, which is more than I can say for you! You put me in a cage and expect me to let you try to ride me. And you do this, not once or twice, but all afternoon! I’m glad none of my friends are here. I wouldn’t want them to see me subjected to this foolishness. I’m a bull. I’m supposed to run free, eat grass and make baby bulls. I’m not here for your amusement, although why grown men find it funny to watch me knock their buddies on their butts is beyond me. I’d run too if I were you. You’re lucky my horns are dull. If they weren’t you’d need more than a fence to protect you from my wrath!

05/29/08 revised 09/14/10