Coming Soon To A Stationer Near You*

            *if stationers even exist anymore

 Are you tired of people casting aspersion on your notebook of choice? Are you tired of feeling like a cliché, or worse, a sell-out to grandiose marketing schemes when you sit down to write? Do you think your favorite notebook’s motto ought to be “Get creative, get crazy, get dead?”

 Then I, dear writer, have the solution for you!



 Please take a moment to read our marketing department’s press release and then decide which “Anti” is right for you!

 The notebooks we produce are just that, notebooks. Nothing fancy, just paper bound in between cardboard covers. We won’t promise that you’ll publish the next earth-shattering tome by using our products. That part of the equation is up to you, dear writer. We won’t claim that you’ll channel authors from centuries past as you pen your magnum opus. Most of them were miserable enough to want to die in the first place. As our CEO once stated, “Sure Hemingway was a great author, but he blew his head off with a shotgun!” Let the dead stay dead. We won’t charge an arm and a leg for our products. After all, it not like we use real mole skin to bind our journals. And who needs notebooks that are more expensive than your underwear? Just relax and buy an Antiskein. Live Longer. Go Spiral®

Antiskeins come in two sizes, 8 ½ x 11 and 5 x 7, and are either lined or unlined with cardboard covers and spiral binding.

(inspired by the Moleskein’s marketing strategy and my husband’s sense of humor)