Welcome to the family, Kelton!

kelton brackett

I’m so happy this talented young man has a chance to continue his football career at UMass. It gutted the entire collegiate football community (and we are all family – whether Division IA or III, Power 5 or the rest of the conferences) when UAB dumped its football program late last year. No coach or player anywhere deserves to be told that their sacrifices (and there are many) are pointless wastes of money, which is really what it boils down to when the intelligentsia at a university shutters a program. With the exception of a few very elite schools like Michigan or Alabama, or Texas A&M, no football program ever operates on a balanced or surplus budget and makes money for the school, so to screw these kids out of doing something they love due to budgetary concerns is deplorable.  Some players who receive scholarships wouldn’t be able to attend college if it weren’t for their athletic abilities, while others walk on, volunteering in a way to put themselves through the hardships of being a student athlete for the love of the game. All these young men should be applauded for this dedication instead of being told their efforts mean nothing.  NCAA rules usually require that someone who transfers from one IA program to another sit out, but when the transfer is because of something like this, the player can start right away. The way I figure it is UAB’s loss is UMass’ gain. Welcome to the family, Kelton!