Unconscious Mutterings – Week 764 (The Football Edition…Sort Of!)

Play along here.

Outbreak: apathy

Outerwear: LL Bean

Game: football

Lift: up

Kneel: protest

Recede: tension

Ship: dingy

Winter: cold

Peel: shrimp

You’d think that since I had swine flu in 2009 and nearly ended up in the hospital, I’d get a flu shot every year. Guess again.

The only coat I have that gets me through our brutal winters is my down-filled L.L. Bean “suit of armor” as I call it – I only wear it if it’s going to be 20 degrees or colder because it works so well I can’t wear it if it’s going to be too warm.

Please keep politics out of my football games, thank you!

One of my favorite ways to uplift someone is to write them a letter.

When kneeling during the anthem solves all our nation’s problems, I’ll join in. Until then, I prefer not to virtue signal.

My favorite ways to relax include yoga, aromatherapy , writing, cross stitch and taking walks with my camera.

My favorite coffee spice flavor is cinnamon hazelnut.

When my ship comes in, I’m sure it will be a dinghy with a hole in it.

I hate it when it’s cold enough that you freeze your nostrils shut simply by breathing in.

I think my love of shellfish came from when my grandmother would boil shrimp in the summer time.