The Last Letter

ff 2-22

Author’s Note – This was inspired by equal parts Friday Fictioneers and the FPGeek’s InCoWriMo. As usual, the challenge lies in finding a non-obvious way to interpret the photo. Hope y’all like it!  (100 words exactly)

      When the postman arrived, the condition of the once beautiful house proved he was too late. The plague had driven the last villager away months ago, leaving behind the collapsed ruins of what had been. Despite the dangers, the postal workers had let nothing, not even the risk of imminent death, keep them from their duties. This note, from a child by the looks of the handwriting, was a voice that too had been silenced by life’s cruelty.  He tucked the letter under a wilting bougainvillea vine and left, hoping that someone would find it and knowing that nobody would.