Unconscious Mutterings #682

Author’s Note:  If you’d like to play along, visit here.

  1. Deep dive – pop
  2. puppies – poodle
  3. bow-recognition
  4. clown – coffee
  5. fresh!- fake
  6. munch-loud
  7. jack-daniels
  8. boiled- shrimp
  9. elected- why?
  10. book club – snob

The reason I could never scuba dive is that my sinuses would explode from the pressure.

I miss my mother’s 4 month old poodle, Butterbear.

I don’t want grand recognition for my accomplishments. A pat on the back will do.

I can’t hear You’re So Vain without thinking of my sister’s worse nightmare.

Anything that has to sell you on its freshness with an exclamation point is probably overcompensating.

I can’t stand listening to people smack and chew with their mouth open – unless you have a cold, there’s no excuse for it.

Why yes, it’s been that kind of month.

This makes me think of how much fun I had when my grandmother would fix boiled shrimp during the summer.

Good question about most politicians I’d say, especially every single one running now.

I get the feeling book clubs were invented to sell books that nobody really wants to read.