I Might Have A Problem

stash no. 1

I could have a problem here.

stash no. 2

I mean, Moleskines are notorious for crappy paper, especially with fountain pens. I use fountain pens. And I stash Moleskines. But come on, it’s Star Wars, Coca Cola and Batman. How. Can. You. Not. NEED. These. In. Your Stash?

stash no. 4

And then there are Paperblanks, which are works of art unto themselves. Is it shallow to admit I bought this one simply because orange is my new favorite color and I LOVE the coordinating bookmark this one has?  Yeah, probably.


This is the one I’m currently using for copies of my blog posts. If I learned anything in the late 80’s it was KEEP A WRITTEN COPY OF EVERYTHING YOU SAVE TO THE COMPUTER. I’ll never recover what I saved to floppy disks. Lesson learned. Boba here is the one who started my Star Wars Moleskine collection. Hey, he was totally badass and my favorite Star Wars villian…until Han inadvertently killed him anyway.

my current journal

My current journal, a Christmas gift from my sister and her family a couple of years ago.

not true.jpg

The first page of said journal, and yeah this may or may not be entirely true. I take the 5th.

end paper.jpg

End paper of said journal…

let the wookie win

And the back of said blogging journal which proves, YES I DID BUY THREE BOXES OF CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH FOR THE STICKERS! Don’t judge me!

stash no 3..jpg

Bought this one years ago simply because I love dragons.

And finally…

sample page.jpg

A sample page of my current journal.

If anyone is to blame for this, it’s my dad. He worked for a paper company for 42 years and even though his particular plant made corrugated box inserts, he taught me about  how paper is a renewable resource (eat that, plastic bags!) and instilled a love of all things paper-y in me from an early age. So Daddy, I’m sorry but this is your fault! 😉

If anyone needs me during the Internet apocalypse, I’ll be in the corner with a notebook and a fountain pen….