Greetings from my corner of cyber space!

Ok, I know what some of you are thinking! I tried this blog thing before and it lasted a few months before I gave up on it. Well, that was primarily because the blog hosting site I used to have was hard to use and not very attractive. Since I’m a writer and live a good distance from most of my friends and family, I see a blog as a way to share my creativity with you across the miles. I don’t know how much or how often I’ll post, but I do hope you’ll drop in from time to time. Or better yet, I hope you subscribe to my blog so you can automatically get an update when I post. I plan to post inspirations quotes, a few book reviews, and most of all, post my writing. From rough drafts to final copies (but is a copy ever truly final?), character sketches to book reviews, I plan to share them with you all. I hope that I can entertain you

2 thoughts on “Greetings from my corner of cyber space!

  1. I always see you scribbling away in your notebook. I didn’t know you are a serious writer! I look forward to future posts:)

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