Dog Blood – David Moody

Dog Blood – David Moody

Dog Blood is the second book in the Hater trilogy, a story about an evolutionary change in humanity that causes some people to succumb to uncontrollable rage and the apocalypse that accompanies this change.  By this book, the main character, Danny Coyne is a full-fledged Hater, not caring who he kills in order to protect himself. Eventually, through a series of brutal events, Danny learns to control his rage and starts to search for his daughter, Ellis. She, too, has succumbed to the Hate, but  reacts to it far more violently than her dad, perhaps because of her youth. In the meantime, the Unchanged have started a war against the Haters in an effort to preserve what little  still exists of “normal” life. This book started extremely slowly, but I think part of that was due to what I call “middle book syndrome.” A trilogy has to be paced because because the writer has to save enough action for the third book. The payoff in Dog Blood is that the author ends this novel with a nuclear blast that leaves you wondering just how much worse things will get before the story concludes.

 3 ½ out of 5 stars

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