Sticky – Friday5 for August 26, 2011

1.  What kind of magnets do you have on your fridge?

 Mostly magnets from places I’ve been, plus a couple of ones from church stewardship campaigns.

 2.  What’s your preferred type of glue?

 A tacky craft glue is good for most of my scrapbook embellishing. I use all kinds of doodads and need a glue that will adhere to plastic and charms as well as paper. Other times, a simple glue stick works well if I’m just gluing photos to background paper. It has to be archival though.

 3.  When is it good to feel sticky?

 When I’m peeling fresh fruit, making a cobbler, or just before I hit the shower. I find I appreciate a hot shower even more if I’m really dirty beforehand.

 4.  What was the last thing you wrote on a Post-It?

 At work, a list of the affirmative defenses I needed to use in a legal document. At home, for a note I stuck in my husband’s lunch.

 5.  How much syrup do you put on your pancakes?

 Just enough to cover each pancake.

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