Falling – Friday5 for September 2, 2011

1.  What were the circumstances surrounding your most embarrassing (physical) stumble?

Looking back, it was probably less embarrassing than it was dangerous. A few years ago, I was at the beach with my husband and parents, and we were going out to dinner at an open-air mall. I walked to the railing to look at the fish in the lake (for some reason I find carp fascinatingly ugly) and when I turned around to go inside, I didn’t notice a cement planter that was in my way and I tripped on it. In a split second, I was flat on my back on the boardwalk. It happened so quickly it must have looked like I was in a kung fu movie. I limped into the restaurant after I gathered my wits and cleaned up, leaving a good bit of blood and skin on the boardwalk.  It wasn’t completely embarrassing until the next day when I put on my swimsuit and had scraped up legs and had a hard time walking because I was so stiff.  Still, considering how hard I hit the deck, it could have been a whole lot worse. At least I didn’t break anything.

2.   As summer winds down and autumn makes its approach, what are you most looking forward to in the changing of the seasons?

As clichéd as it sounds considering I live in New England, I really look forward to the color changes that arrive this time of year. Franklin County is the most rural county in Massachusetts and the scenery is gorgeous this time of year. I love taking landscape photography and the change in seasons inspires me to look at things different. Some of my best photographs have come from this time of year.

3.   What’s something you’ve recently fallen for?

This past year, I have fallen in love with AJ Hastings, a stationery store in Amherst that sells high end notebooks, pens and pencils.

4.   Of what has their been a shortfall in your life lately?

This time of year it would be a shortfall of time with my husband. He’s the UMass football videographer so this time of year his schedule doesn’t allow us much time together.

5.  Has there been any kind of windfall in your life in the past few months?

I received a windfall of $175 for my birthday from my parents and in-laws. I used it to buy a webcam, 1491, Musicophilia, I am Najood: Aged 10 and Divorced, and The Godfather, a leather journal and some scrapbook materials. I still have $20 leftover.

One thought on “Falling – Friday5 for September 2, 2011

  1. OK first of all I have always wanted to see NE in the fall. I love Mass and think it would be gorgeous just once to see…..so I love your answer.

    Second, I can relate to your husbands job. My hubby works for the Washington Capitals, as their graphic artist/website/video guy….so during the season, I don’t see him very much at all. Its nice to find someone that can relate to exactly what I feel at times..

    I totally think I may have to follow!!

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