Notebooks and pencils I won! Winning!

A few days ago, I entered a Rhodia Drive contest for a couple of notebooks and pencils. Their Webmistress, Stephanie, is celebrating her second year anniversary with the company by hosting a giveaway of some of Rhodia’s most popular notebooks. As many of you know, notebooks and writing instruments are one of my many creative addictions and any chance to increase my stash for free is a great thing. I didn’t really expect to win, so needless to say when I went to the website ( and saw my name in the list of 20 winners, I nearly squealed like a kid at Christmas. I have two large Rhodia notebooks — an orange one that I keep handwritten copies of all my writing in and a black one I use for church meetings. I’ve wanted to try a dotpad for a while now, but haven’t had the funds to spend on yet another notebooks.  Yay for winning, as long as Charlie Sheen has nothing to do with it. I’ll post pictures of my new stash when I get them:)

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