National Handwriting Day

From the RhodiaDrive website I learned that this past Monday was National Handwriting Day. I took a picture of my handwriting with two different pens and inks. What I love most about National Handwriting Day is that it falls on John Hancock’s birthday. Just think — he had that gorgeous writing using nothing more than a feather quill. I can’t begin to imagine what he could have done with a Mont Blanc or a Montgrappa. What has always perplexed me about my own handwriting is that it differs depending on the pen and paper I am using. The one sample on the top is from a needlepoint tip fountain pen and the one below is a broad tip fountain pen. I prefer broader point pens because my writing is so big, but I really like the feel of the superfine tip of the Esterbrook. Of course, worth noting is that the inks are both variations of purple but they couldn’t be more different. My preference is for the Violette Pensee, but the Larme De Cassis is a nice mauve-y shade that seems elegant somehow.  Happy belated National Handwriting Day!

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