Random Musings

Written 2/20/2012

As much as I love dogs of all breeds, I really wanted to kill the ones upstairs from me when they started barking at 4a.m.

“Dumpster diving” for a copy of Dracula, The Scarlet Letter and Bullfinch’s Mythology makes me a complete and utter dork. And I’m ok with that.

If would could ship all the stupid people in the world to an island, where would we find one big enough for all of them?

Why do I have to be my own worst enemy? I can’t exactly get away from myself, now can I?

Forget “crazy cat lady” — when I grow old, I’m going to be the “crazy pen/notebook/journal/writer lady.”

Two of my biggest pet peeves: noticing mistakes in professional publications and overused sports cliches – if you could control your destiny, it wouldn’ t be destiny, now would it?

The most impractical thing I want to buy right now is a typewriter. Typewriters are cool. By the way, did I mention I’m a dork?

Recently I got called out in a staff meeting at work for doodling — seriously, I felt like I was back in Ms. Early’s sixth grade reading class being called out because I finished my work and was studying something else. Nothing similar to the two situations except the embarassment when I did nothing wrong. Is it my fault that I have to attend 12 totally pointless meetings a year? At least I had enough brass to tell them that I’ve read that doodling helps you focus on things –not that they believed me.

Ok, so I have three major pet peeves — the other is being told to lower my voice. First of all, I have trouble with my ears due to repeated sinus issues. Maybe I can’t hear if I’m being loud. Second, when you do that to me, you’re dismissing me and saying that my opinion isn’ t important. This isn’t just pushing my buttons, it’s pushing the NUCLEAR button and has even driven me to drop f-bombs at work in front of people who thing I’m a saint because they’ve never heard me swear.

Speaking of, does anyone else think the paperweight at Uncommon Goods is brilliant, or is it just my twisted sense of humor?

And speaking of nuclear buttons, I just found out this weekend that we live 20 miles south of the highly controversial Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon, Vermont.  I think I was much happier not knowing that.

Well it’s time to end this train of thought before it derails………

2 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. Ha, that is a pretty cool paperweight…throwing that thing would be much more satisfactory than letting words fly…oh yeah, right, you’re not supposed to throw it!

  2. I think that’s why I haven’t gotten myself one —it would be too tempting to literally drop an f-bomb…..on someone’s foot. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that’s great though:)

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