Authors Note – Yet another challenge from the Friday Fictioneers website. I was trying to think of a unique way to write about the prompt when my husband suggested narcoleptic pyrotechnicians. That was too good a challenge to pass up and I made it in 98 words after a few revisions. Enjoy!








My first mistake was hiring a pyrotechnics company at the last minute. My second was not realizing the owners were narcoleptic cousins nicknamed Sleepyhead and Snoozie. When Snoozie faceplanted into the computer console and set off the finale before the show had started, I was pissed. I ran through the fallout as embers rained down, only to find Sleepyhead curled up in the back of his pickup, snoring quietly. I shook him awake and demanded that he stop the show but it was too late. One hundred thousand dollars worth of gunpowder had been destroyed in two minutes.
















26 thoughts on “Blowout

  1. As our older daughter once aptly remarked many years ago when she was a little blond sprite, “I never had a problem like that before!” Welcome. I look forward to reading your stories.

  2. I’ve heard of similar premature fireworks disasters before and I have personally known people suffering from narcolepsy, but this is the first time I’ve read about the two joining forces to create a blowout of this magnitude. Well done!

    • Thanks, Steve! I was kind of going on a story I saw on t.v. one time about a fireworks display malfunction that set the whole show off in less than 5 minutes, and then I went with Bill’s idea;)

  3. oh crap. that had to suck. suggestion – the names are too blatant. maybe come up with a name that is connected to someone known for sleeping. regardless – well done.

  4. Uh oh!
    Sleepyhead and Snoozie… that was definitely a mistake.
    Like the way you wrote this. Simple, crisp short sentences.

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