Friday Fill Ins 1/25/2013

If you want to join the fun, stop by Friday Fill Ins!

1.     Wow this ___________.

Wow this weather couldn’t get any colder! It was -9 this morning.

2.     ___________ trivia.

I am a fountain of useless trivia.

3.     Finally I’m ____________.

Finally I”m done with this long, crappy week.

4.     __________________ all right with me.

Having a quiet weekend at home is perfectly all right with me.

5.   Sweet or savory: _______________.

Sweet or savory: I like both at the same time in the form of dark chocolate covered caramels sprinkled with sea salt.

6. ______________ are new.

The issues are still the same; only the idiots arguing about them are new

And as for the weekend, tonight my plans include blogging and cross stitch, tomorrow my plans unfortunately including singing at a friend’s memorial service and Sunday I want to make it through my bell choir’s version of Pachelbel’s Canon without getting lost.

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