What’s The Buzz?

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     Phillipe couldn’t understand it. How were his bees making colored honey? It wasn’t natural, though it tasted normal enough. Still, if he felt queasy eating oddly colored food, his customers certainly would. Of course, they would avoid honey altogether if they knew it was edible vomit, but apiculturists like himself kept that knowledge quiet. Instead, he watched as his bees exited their hives and swooned along paths that led miles away. Phillipe wondered what he would find were he able to follow them. One look at the nauseating blue sludge, however, convinced him that he really didn’t want to know.

18 thoughts on “What’s The Buzz?

  1. colored honey! a different take. Had he followed them, he’d have known the reason for colored honey:) but that is not possible:) really enjoyed your story

    • Well something about following bees intrigues me, but it can’t be done. They can fly miles away to get to the pollen they need and bees really are such fascinating creatures…thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it:)

  2. I read a news report on a similar phenomenon about a year ago. Great take on the prompt. I always think the colour blue associated with food is slighty suspect.

    • Yeah, I’ve read that blue is the one color that puts people off the most when it comes to food – I guess I’d have to try something to see what it tasted like. The reports from France last year said the honey tasted fine it was just the color that kept it from being sell-able. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Loved the line …swooned along paths that led miles away.
    A very good take on the prompt, I’m with Sandra on ‘blue food’

  4. Dear Jenn,
    I already knew honey was edible vomit. Still love it. Love your unique take on the prompt. I’d like to know where these bees are going, too. 😉

  5. I liked your title immediately. As for colored honey, it’s a bit ironic because “honey” is a color, too. I think if it didn’t come from something gross or bad for you,he could market it to make a bundle!


  6. Sounds like someone’s been dumping nasty chemicals where they shouldn’t have. Philip should stay away!

    Just a note – Is “convinved” supposed to be “convinced”?

    • Oops, yep that’s a typo! Thanks for the heads up. Well this is based on a story I heard last year about bees in France eating sugar residue from an M&M’s plant which then caused them to make M&M colored honey. Actually I’d eat it, I think.

  7. Yeah, I love it too. Need to find some raw honey to help with my allergies. Honestly, most animal by-products that we eat are kind of gross if iyou think about them too much. I choose not to think and just enjoy myself. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I didn’t like honey before I read this, but I would like to know why it’s blue. Surely the bees have just found a field of lavendar to feed on?

    • Actually there was a story last year that in France bees were eating sugar waste from an M&M’s factory and were making multicolored honey as a result. Kind of cool, but I can see why the French apiculturists would be concerend they couldn’t sell their products. Nobody that I know of eats blue food, unless it’s kids and their crazy love for blue raspberry flavored stuff…

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