Dead Harvest – Chris F. Holm

dead harvestSam Thorton has a problem. As a soul collector, it’s his job to take the souls of those who have been condemned to hell, but when he’s assigned to take the soul of a young girl who has killed her parents, he realizes something is horribly wrong. He refuses to do his job, which creates all manner of havoc in the spirit realm and unleashes a battle between angels and demons. Thus begins Book One of The Collector series, Dead Harvest . The story is told from Sam’s perspective as if he’s talking directly to the reader and is a combination of the thriller and noir genres. I would describe it as “Sam Spade meets Constantine,” a wierd, but highly entertaining concept. Sam is an anti-hero, and the young girl he’s trying to save from the forces of hell is tougher than she appears, making them both characters you can emotionally connect to. The action sequences are taut and keep the plot moving at a fast pace. This is one of those books that will be over before you want it to be, and it will leave you wanting to continue the series. As a debut novel, Dead Harvest is an exciting story, and I’ll be reading the next novel, The Wrong Goodbye as soon as I finish the books I’m reading now.

5 stars out of 5

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