Random Silliness

I love the Car Talk guys, and some of my best vacation memories of recent years have involved me and my husband driving to the beach, howling with laughter at their Staff Credits.  At the Car Talk website you can find the whole list, but I thought I’d share the ones that make me smile and/or laugh until tears stream down my face, or until my husband nearly drives off the road and through a cornfield in Easton, Maryland. I hope these make you smile.

Ornithology intern – Luke A. Boyd

Self Defense Coordinator–Nina Cahones

Accounts Payable Clerk, Moscow Office—Dasha Chekov

Airline Seat Tester—Wilma Buttfit (this is the one that nearly made us wreck the car)

Director of Organ Donation Program—Olivia McColon (I can’t read this one without laughing)

Director of Sports Information—Linus Scrimmage (hmmm…I think I know him, only his name is John and he once got an intern believing grits grow on trees….that could be a blog post unto itself)

Disgruntled Staff Massage Therapist – Ophelia Self (I’m laughing so hard just typing this)

Fact Checker—Ella Fino

Videographer from the Tel Aviv Office—Schlomo Replay (my husband’s alter ego)

Conflict Resolution Specialist—Yvonne Apeesammy

Cruise Director—Eaton Doolittle

Director of Moral Support—Hugo Girl

Practical Joke Analyst—Odessa Goodwin

Photographer—F. Stop Fitzgerald (my alter ego)

Political Consultant—Paul C. Wonk

Russian Gas Station Attendant—Phillip Antopitov

Sexual harassment Counselor—Natasha Diaz (ok so I know sexual harassment isn’t a laughing matter, but you have to admit this is funny)

Emergency Preparedness Administrator—Ron Lykell

Staff Bean Counter—Ed Amame (*groan* but it’s so bad it’s good)

PR Director- Bea Esser

Prosecuting Attorney—Melissa Forethought

Staff Snowplow Driver—Fraiser Tushov

And last but not least, the staff member who is probably most needed for this random post is:

Bad Joke Interpreter—Nadia Gedditt

5 thoughts on “Random Silliness

  1. I adore Car Talk! I think my all-time favorite “credit” is: Russian Chauffeur: Picov Andropov. I don’t know why, but I always get a big grin every time they say it.

  2. I used to listen to them with my late hubby. He loved cars and we would enjoy their show. I have to find them again as they are great. These are so funny! Wilma has to be my favorite! Thank you for visiting me today and the kind comments on my cards! Made my day!

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