Ill Fitting – Friday 5 for September 13, 2013

1.     What item in your wardrobe do you wish was better fitting?

         Besides my bras? Okay maybe that is too much information, but show me a woman who says her bra is comfortable and I’ll show you one who doesn’t exist. Anyway, I have two dresses which illustrate how hard it is to shop for my body type. I’m 5′ 2″ tall and weigh about 130 pounds (give or take a couple – I don’t own a scale so I don’t get weighed unless I go to the doctor and I haven’t been to the doctor since last winter), so I’m pretty much where I should be with body mass index and whatnot. Sadly, my body is shaped like a pear, so when I find something that fits well in the waist and hips, it’s usually too big in the chest. I have a linen salmon colored sheath dress which I always have to wear with a jacket because it’s too big in the underarms. I also have a cute cotton Land’s End sundress with a v-neck that I have to pin myself into in order not to have an acute wardrobe malfunction. Needless to say I wish i was a little taller and better proportioned.

2.     What role in a play, musical, or television show would be a terrible fit for you but is something you wish you could try?

          If I couldn’t play Christine in Phantom of the Oper (how did y’all know this is where my answer would end up?), I’d love to play Carlotta because she’s such an evil little diva who basically causes all the problems for the Opera Populaire. However you have to be an opera singer to play her part (which is why Minnie Driver didn’t sing in the movie). I can sing to a G above the staff but I’m pretty sure that you have to be able to hit at least a B to sing her part.

3.     What furnishing in your home clashes with the others for whatever reason?

          I don’t really have anything that clashes- most of my furniture is pretty neutral.

4.     What item in your posession are you using for something other than its intended purpose?

          I can’t remember the last time I used my butcher knife to carve meat, but I use its flat end all the time to break up bags of ice.

5.     What’s something others expect of you that you are just not comfortable with?

          They expect me to listen to all the sordid details of their personal lives. Although I pride myself on being a good listener and taking on a counselor role with my friends at times, I sometimes feel that there are no boundaries and that I know things about them that I wish I didn’t.

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