Random Musings XII — The Football Edition

Author’s Note – Sorry, but I’ve had football on my mind a lot lately, so if you’re not inclined to listen to me ramble about it, it won’t hurt my feelings if you come back later when I post something that is more relatable.

– The only person a trick play confuses is the player who’s executing it.

-The three most important people who work for the team are:

a.     The doctor, obviously

b.     The equipment manager – who else will keep the team clothed and schlep their stuff around the conference?

c.     The videographer – if coches can’t watch practice tape until their eyes, fall out they can’t do their job

– A halfback pass is a beautiful thing…when it works.

– FEAR THE FROG?  Uh, yeah, it can shoot a four foot stream of blood out of its eyes… I’m officially scared (even if a horned frog isn’t really a frog).

– I’m not sure how to take the “does your son play for UMass?” question I get asked a lot…technically, I guess I’m old enough to have an 18 year old son, but I have to wonder how old I look when someone says that.

– Reason #4329 why it’s awesome to be married to a football videographer: who else will explain the 4-3 defense to you over dinner at Applebee’s?

– When UMass is on the road and I listen to the game on the computer, I sort of forget I’m not outdoors when I get into the game. I wonder how many small children and animals I’ve scared at our apartment over the years…..

– I am loyal to my team but never, under any circumstances, will I ever paint my face.

-The most epic coaching staff ever would be:

Mark Whipple – head coach

Rusty Burns – Quarterbacks/ Offensive Coordinator (currently at TCU)

Don Brown – Defensive coordinator/Assistant Head Coach (Currently at Boston College)

Steve Tirrell – Defensive Line

Keith Dudzinski- Linebackers (currently at Maryland)

Paul Gorham – Offensive Line (currently at Sacred Heart)

Ted Daisher – Safeties/Special Teams Coordinator (currently at UMass)

Ok so I may be biased, but these guys are the best coaches my husband has worked for and I consider them all members of my family. If I were in charge of such things (and it’s a shame I’m not;), this would be my dream coaching staff…

– Of all the wierd rivalry trohpies out there, nothing really comes close to the TCU/SMU Iron Skillet.

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