Felt Wreath Ornament

Reblogging this because I think it’s awesome and something I could do next year.

Do It And How


I made 30 of these for my co-workers – they loved the variety of colors. I presented them with a chocolate piece in the centers.


Per Wreath You’ll need:

  • 8 inch – medium gauge wire (easy enough to manipulate by hand, but firm enough to hold the round shape)
  • 1 inch felt pieces – (we used 6-8 colors and about 15 squares of each color) (I bought $15 worth of felt12X15 ‘sheets’, in all kinds of colors, they were about 30 cents each.)
  • 1/4 ” ribbon – you can buy pre-tied ribbons, I just used some from my ribbon stash and tied my own – easy peasy!
  • Small felt dots, or sequins


Tools needed:

  • scissors, craft glue, needle-nose pliers, hot glue


Turn one end of the wire over with pliers to make a loop. Take wire and make a round shape by pressing it around a cup or other round…

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One thought on “Felt Wreath Ornament

  1. I enjoy making things out of felt and appreciate this idea to save for next year. But a Spring wreath could be also made, right? Thanks for sharing! Smiles, Robin

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