Welcome To The World, Baby Girl!

With apologies to Fannie Flagg for borrowing her title, I present to you the newest member of our family:

ginger 4

Gingerbread McVicker was born October 23, 2013 and joined our family on December 23rd. She’s a red and white Irish Setter and is a truly joyful addition to our family.

Of course there’s going to be an adjustment period between Gingerbread, Elvis and Pepper, but I know that will happen in time. It’s really a generation gap issue more than anything else – Elvis and Pepper are old men and aren’t used to being around an energetic puppy. They’re also used to being the only ones getting the attention and have to learn to share their humans with Gingerbread.

elvis ginger

Still, it looks as though there might be a chance for peace, even if it’s only when they’re sleeping.

gingerbread mcvicker

Welcome to the world, baby girl! We love you!

6 thoughts on “Welcome To The World, Baby Girl!

    • I’m sure they will over time. Pepper is 13 and Elvis will be 14 in APril, so it’s the equivalent of leaving an infant with my 92 year old grandfather. Glad you liked the photos – she’s a photogenic little squirt, that’s for sure.

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