Two of My Favorite Football Pics

Ok I swear, this is the last post about football for a while (yeah right, who really believes that?).

Two of my favorite football pics:

UMass v. ODU October 2011

UMass v. ODU October 2011

Lots of great family memories made at this game – I didn’t even care that we got it handed to us by a school that had only had  a football team for three years….ok so maybe I cared a little bit but it was a wonderful time with my family, and this is really what football is all about.

Whip and Big Ben, 2005

Whip and Big Ben, 2005

There are so many reasons I love this photo. Coach Whipple hired Bill back in 2000. AND he coached for the Pittsburgh Steelers. AND he was Ben Roethlisberger’s mentor. AND he has a Super Bowl ring. But mostly I love the photo, because it’s Coach Whipple, and he’s like a dad to me!


2 thoughts on “Two of My Favorite Football Pics

    • LOL That is the understatement of the century. I’m so ready for football to start, if I had to drive out to Gillette tomorrow I’d be perfectly happy.

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