Valentine’s Gift Fit for A Geek…

A fountain pen geek that is.  What do you get the woman who has 14 pens and no place to store them?

A pen cup made of pens!

A pen cup made of pens!


Yes, you read that right, a pen cup made out of pens! All 14 pens fit in perfectly with room for a few pencils as well, and  it says “the pen is mightier than the sword” on the inside. I saw it at Barnes and Noble a while ago and nearly bought it for myself, but showed some restraint (hard for me to do in the bookstore). Needless to say, we think alike after all this time and Bill said he couldn’t resist it when he saw it, though I think he might just be tired of seeing my pens lying about everywhere;) To be fair, he said he felt bad that I always had to store my pens in my purse pocket, and he wanted to give me something I’d enjoy while I write letters and blogs posts. He’s just the sweetest person and his thoughtfulness never ceases to make my heart melt, even after 18 Valentine’s Days together. Thanks sweetie!

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