Friday Fictioneers 5-2-14

Author’s Note: This is today’s Friday Fictioneers photograph. Rochelle isn’t in any way responsible for the humor that follows. That is entirely my fault: I told my husband it made me think “what if someone slept through Paul Revere’s ride?” I started this piece. He finished it. We make a good team. Enjoy!

Dearest Father,

My most profound apologies to you and the citizens of West Bournemouth. My attempt at rebellion would have borne better fruit had I not passed out in the tavern before the meeting. When I woke I didn’t realize I was volunteering to ride with Paul Revere – indeed, I only answered “aye” when I thought they were asking if I wanted another drink. Too much rum bodes ill for a man’s ability to walk, much less understand the instructions “one if by land, two if by sea.” The less said about how I ended up stripped naked and tied to a tree when I should have been alerting the public to the Redcoats’ approach, the better. The candle has burned down, Father, and I am ashamed. Until we see each other again, I remain your contrite (and sober) son,


22 thoughts on “Beacon

    • Thanks, sometimes I think my sense of humor is a bit too wierd, but I’m glad it worked out. And yeah, Angus’ story wouldn’t have been in the history books, I’m pretty sure.

  1. You made me laugh (a lot), especially the line about rum bodes ill…
    I did have to google Paul Revere’s ride though, but it would have been funny without knowing about it. Fab job 😀

  2. Jen, I agree fully with Rochelle. That was hilarious. I have a picture of the poor man tied to the tree in disgrace. XD I imagine his disgrace would not have stopped there. I’m wondering who he got to untie him. I imagine he went to his grave with that story sticking to him. Well written. 🙂

  3. Great to see that someone finally documented Samuel Revere’s attempt at alerting the Colonial militia (we’ve all heard about his brother Paul).

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