F.riday5 For July 25, 2014 – Zero

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What is something you have run out of?

             Besides patience? Mustard, toilet paper and bread (essentials for surviving the zombie apocalypse), all of which are on tonight’s grocery list.

What is something you don’t know anything about?

             I know nothing about hardanger embroidery and would love to learn how to do it. I’d have to take a class though since I have a mental block against teaching myself to cut fabric after I’ve stiched on it. Plus I have to live to be 345 ½ to finish my craft projects as it is. I can’t take on anything else.

What is something that needs emptying?

           My bathroom garbage can.

There are lots of stylistic or slangy ways to say “zero.” What’s your favorite?

           Zilch, because it takes me back to my childhood when I loved the Monkees and their “rap” of the same name. It creeped me out a little bit when I was a kid, but now I just think it’s brilliant, especially when it all starts to go to pieces. The story was that they were in an airport and kept hearing a page for Bob Dobalina and just started riffing on it. I have to admit, I love crazy creative stuff like that, so ZILCH it is.

  1. When did you last receive something for free when you were expecting to pay for it?

           Probably the last time we had my husband’s car repaired. We weren’t expecting it to be the same thing wrong with it that we’d had it repaired twice for, so it was nice not to have to pay for anything except the labor. It wasn’t totally free, but a heck of a lot cheaper than if we’d had to pay for the whole thing over again. Sadly, though, I don’t think his car is fixed yet.


2 thoughts on “F.riday5 For July 25, 2014 – Zero

  1. I’ve never heard of hardanger embroidery. But I know what you mean about too many craft projects on tap.

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