Voices Week – Denial

This week has been BeKindRewrite’s Voices week. The challenge is to write a scene from five different voices or perspectives in around 100 words. This year’s I have to say has been harder to write than I thought it would be because it’s based on something that happened to a good friend of mine a couple of years ago, so it took a while to get the words out. Plus, life got in the way this week (I was supposed to start writing on Monday) but I finally have my pieces ready, so here’s voice one.


I’m not dying!. For Christ’s sake, I played football for years. My knees are jelly now and my back went out on me years ago, but my lungs? What the hell happened to them? I used to be able to run a 4.6 40 and hardly get out of breath. Now I can’t even bend over to tie my shoes without wheezing like a 90 year old. The doctors are wrong. I just need another round of tests and they’ll realize they’re wrong. I’ll take antibiotics and get back in time for recruiting. I can’t be dying…can I?


(98 words)

7 thoughts on “Voices Week – Denial

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  2. An older man, an athlete who’s taken care of his body all his life and can’t understand (or accept) what’s going on.

    I was afraid we were going to miss you this year! Glad you were able to join in after all!

  3. the denial comes through loud and clear. It is frustrating that some people who live a good healthy life end up with terminal illnesses

  4. The denial and the doubt in that are nicely mixed here. I can’t decide if he’s older (and in denial about that too) or just ill. Either way, looking forward to more.

    • Yeah middle-aged is it. Coach Gorham was 52 when he got sick. I’m glad he sounded angry – I can only imagine what I would feel if I’d been in his shoes.

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