Voice Week 2014 Recap

I must say that though I was last-minute getting my pieces posted due to the craziness of Homecoming week, this year’s Voices Week was much easier a challenge for me, primarily because I wrote my pieces based on a true story. For those of you who might have missed it, I based my writing on the dreadful, life-threatening (and altering) illness a close friend of mine went through two years ago. He survived a double lung transplant, the amputation of both legs below the knee and the near amputation of his right hand, and to say he’s my hero would be a severe understatement. We were recently reunited when our new head coach brought him in as our operations director, though he coaches a hell of a lot more than any other ops guy I’ve ever known. We all look out for him without directly making it like we’re doing so since he’s not the kind of person who goes in for being fussed over, but still the mother hen comes out in me when I’m around him. Because of my protective streak, I wasn’t even sure if I should use his story as the springboard for Voices Week, but I’ve been so moved by it that my pieces practically screamed at me to write them. If writing what you know is supposed to make the job of writing easier, then I guess I proved it, but I think I also learned that writing what you know can be incredibly difficult from an emotional standpoint. I couldn’t even finish my fifth voice, which was going to be from the standpoint of the university administration that fired him not even a year after he nearly died. I was so pissed off when I learned they didn’t give him a chance to resign and bow out gracefully that I blocked up on writing that installment of the story. All in all, I think it was a successful week and I’m glad I rose to the challenge to tell my friend’s story, however anonymously it came out.

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