Unconscious Mutterings #2

Another week, another thought provoking list from LunaNina’s site. If you want to play along with word association, visit and sign up for her weekly newsletter.

family – Nothing is more important, whether you’re blood-related or not.

leather – I can’t be crazy for loving the smell of a real leather journal, can I?

shaking – The wind is shaking the leaves from the trees.

suffering  – When I see all the suffering in the world, I feel blessed to have what I do.

pockets – One of my favorite parts of football season is finding money in my jacket pockets that has been there since the previous season.

loose – One of my grammar pet peeves is when people confuse loose and lose. They are not interchangeable.

show – Show me someone in my office who says they’re happy and I’ll show you a liar.

vest – How can a sweater with no sleeves keep you warm?

finale – My favorite part of a fireworks show is the finale. 

2 thoughts on “Unconscious Mutterings #2

    • Actually, yes, I did remember it after you mentioned it:) My husband says he thinks vests are more a man thing, but I still say a sweater without sleeves can’t really keep you warm.

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