Unconscious Mutterings #3

Another offering from Lunanina

Fencing – My fencing class in college was the most fun I’ve ever had embarassing myself.

Mediocre – You did not wake up today to be mediocre.

19th – June 19, 2015 will be my 16th anniversary.

Candy – There’s nothing on earth more revolting than Reese’s Pieces. TOTALLY. NOT. PEANUT BUTTER

Scorch – I wish I knew who scorchs the popcorn in my office so I could teach them how to not stink the place up.

Allergies – I’m allergic to anything that can go up my nose. Wait…that sounds wrong…

Swirl – I used to love chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream.

Level up – Super Mario 3 was my favorite video game back in the day.

Modern – My cell phone is the least modern piece of tech I own.

Tasty – A cup of Earl Grey decaf is a tasty and relaxing way to end the day.

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