Unconscious Mutterings #3

Another post inspired by Lunanina.

Stuck – I hate feeling stuck in my job.

Elevator – It’s better to take the stairs.

Vaccine –  I wish I could create a vaccine for stupidity. I’d have to innoculate most everyone I work with but it would be worth it.

Pepsi- I try not to drink much of it.

Rotund- What I wish my bank account looked like

Wonder – I wonder when people will leave me alone and let me work in peace.

Solo- Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lonely

Voodoo – I have a voodoo doll. I’ve used it. It has worked. Coincidence? Probably. Scary? Definitely!

Sticky- The only downside to toast with honey is how sticky the bottle gets.

Summarize – Nice words can’t summarize how many people pissed me off today.

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