Snow Day Stitching #2

IMG_3488 Yes, for the third Monday in a row, I’ve spent the day at Mother Nature’s mercy. I’m sick of the snow but enjoying the opportunity to get some stitching done.  The Friends for Life is for a young lady who is part of the football operations staff. She saw the cross stitch I made for Brenda and loved it, so I thought I’d make her something. It’s stitched on 14 count Aida with the usual DMC threads. Both patterns are from Holly DeFount’s 101 Warm Fuzzies Book 1 (c) 1993. From Holly DeFount's 101 Warm Fuzzies Book 1 (c) 1993

The other is just a reminder to me of who really has to clean up after I cook, and I had forgotten how much fun it is to stitch quick little sayings. I started stitching in the summer of 1992 and of course, you start small when learning a new craft. I made a bunch of little things for my husband’s first apartment in 1995 with this book, but I hadn’t even looked at the book since then. I stitched this with a variegated DMC thread that would be 4120 if you could buy it separate from the specialty pack I bought years ago. You’ll notice the distinct lack of dotted “i’s”. It’s because after 23 years, I still can’t do a french knot. Oh well, it’s still a fun way to pass yet another snowy start to the week. IMG_3485

4 thoughts on “Snow Day Stitching #2

    • Thanks! The book is from 1993, so it’s a golden oldie. I must have gotten it about a year after I started stitching – I’m assuming the summer before I started college. I took these today to get them framed. The one for my kitchen will have a rust colored mat and a black frame. The one for Nicolene won’t be matted but will have a sort of rustic gray frame. I’ll post pictures when I get them back. Starting a third one from the book for a friend of mine who owns a deli.

  1. We’re about to get some snowy weather here finally, so I’m getting together all of my stitching to see if I need to make a craft store run before all this mess starts. I’m still working on french knots, too! 🙂

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