F.riday5 – February 5, 2016: Press

If you want to play along, visit Friday Five! This week’s topic is particularly appropriate for me  since I think all my buttons were pressed so hard that the elevator of my life jammed.

Q1.    In what way are you pressing your luck?

I’d have never thought it possible, but this week I found out that I’ve been pressing my luck by being more involved with my husband’s team than is allowed by the administration.

Q2.     When did you last wield an iron?

A few weeks ago, I ironed a finished cross stitch so I could get it framed.

Q3.     Not counting buttons on your computer, tablet or phone, what was the result of the last time you pressed a button?

My car started.

Q4.     What was the name of your high school paper?

I honestly don’t remember. I wrote for my middle school paper (whose name I can’t remember either) and stopped writing in high school because I didn’t have time to do that and be in the band at the same time.

Q5.     To “press the flesh” means (usually in the context of politics or public relations) to meet and greet as many people as you can, shaking hands and making personal contact. When were you last called upon to press the flesh and how were you?

Honestly, I never have been called upon to do this in any formal capacity. The only time I can really think of having to “meet and greet” is when I’m at church and someone comes for the first time. I’m a deacon and part of our responsibilities are to introduce ourselves to new people and make them feel at home.  It’s not entirely my cup of tea since I’m such an introvert, but I make it happen. It pushes me outside my comfort zone to be sure.



4 thoughts on “F.riday5 – February 5, 2016: Press

  1. As a teacher, I feel like I’m always “pressing the flesh”. And I am not fond of it, either.

  2. I liked the receiving line when I got married, my happiest day of pressing the flesh of wedding guests was 7-8-78. All the parents that I shook hands with over the years, I was quite fond! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by everyone! Kwizgiver, I can see why you wouldn’t be fond of that. Greetje, when I worked in a real law office for a divorce attorney, some clients I’d have rather slapped than pressed the flesh with. Reocochran, I was in an inadvertent receiving line at my wedding – we didn’t plan to have one, and my husband and I were standing by the door talking to someone when our guests assumed we were in a receiving line. Great memories. 🙂

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