E is For Exposure


Solitary, Lake Wyola, Summer 2015

Exposure refers to light hitting the camera’s image sensor and the amount of light that does so is affected by the exposure triangle, the interplay between shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings. For the longest time, I didn’t understand the relationship of f-stops to aperture size and the amount of light getting into the camera, so I underexposed quite a few of my photos. Now that I have a grasp on it, I have to be careful not to overexpose my photographs, but I find that I am able to adjust my settings to adapt to light conditions with a lot more confidence than I used to have. If I could take “Solitary” again, I would have lowered the f-stop and shutter speed and probably turned up the ISO just a little bit to get a less dark photo. All things considered, though, I think the lower light levels in this photograph capture the quiet, relaxed atmosphere at the lake.

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