Author’s Note: My last church newsletter submission for the summer.  See you again with these posts in the fall!

Recently I put a bird feeder up outside my kitchen window, and in no time, house sparrows, purple finches, cardinals, mourning doves, titmice and nuthatches showed up for a meal. The seed also attracted chipmunks, gray and red squirrels, and fish crows. At first, I tried to keep them away because they emptied the feeder several times a day and drove off the birds; when I found myself banging on the window with a wooden spoon to scare them away, I realized that I was wrong to think of them as pests. God created each of these creatures and the smallest, most insignificant of them is no less important than the most beautiful ones. Who am I to judge them as annoying or unworthy? This revelation made me think of our communion service, in which we are all invited to partake of God’s grace at His table, regardless of our age, background, or where we are on our spiritual journey. God doesn’t put conditions on His love for us; we are all His children and have a special place in His kingdom, despite how we are judged by society. Now I watch and laugh as the chipmunk hops up on the feeder and pelts the squirrels below with seed in its quest to find its favorite foods, and I remember the importance of treating all of God’s creatures – humans and otherwise – with the same love and respect He gives each of us.


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