Best Laid Plans

So about a month ago, I (quite foolishly) decided to set a blogging goal of 100,000 words by December 31st. How many have I written so far? 5299 down, 94,701 to go. Might I add, I only have 5 1/2 months left to accomplish this goal? And of course, I’m in the middle of a brain freeze of epic proportions and can think of no appreciable content other than a couple of photo essays I’ve been meaning to post, but that will do nothing to advance my goal. So, for the moment, I’m just doing a brain dump, first with pen and ink and then on my blog and feeling frustrated. The sad thing is I could be a writing machine if I had no plans whatsoever to create any blog content. That’s just how my luck goes. I have a couple of story ideas I can work on, but I’m not sure if I’d post bits and pieces here instead of whole stories. Who knows? It’s going to be interesting to see what the next few months bring, especially since football season starts in three weeks. Right now my brain hurts….I need an aspirin.

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