UMass Football – The Spirit of the Minutemen

Why are we Minutemen?

Because we don’t give up until the job is done.

Because we believe that how we handle victory isn’t as important as how we handle the challenges and struggles that we face every day, on the field and off it.

out of the pocket.jpg


Because we believe that the physical and mental challenges we face as players shape our future selves and help us grow and mature.

Because we are ready to face our opponents, ready to fight for tradition and for the past. We are ready to fight for the memory of those who came before and for the respect of those who will come after us.


Because we know that success comes from within.

Because we rise and fall together, because we are one as a team and brothers.

stop the play.jpg

Because we have suffered and celebrated together.

We are Minutemen!

We are UMass!

Fire The Musket! Beat Maine!




2 thoughts on “UMass Football – The Spirit of the Minutemen

  1. Thought of you as I was watching the game last week. UMass played a great 1st half and the post interview on the SEC Network was quite complimentary. Back in the old Yankee conference days they were always beating up on my UConn Huskies. I hope they find their place and return to the power of old, if for no other reason than your sake. Good luck with the Black Bears this week, Dress Warm!

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