F.riday 5- November 17, 2017: Makin’ It

If you want to play along, please visit the Friday 5 website!

Q1.  What skill seems like it would be really fun to learn?

Recently, I was watching a jewelry making show and one of the guests made her own glass beads with a blowtorch and glass rods. It was fascinating to see how the glass changed colors as it cooled and I think glass work or glassblowing would be so interesting to learn. I’ve always been fascinated with colored glass, and it would be fun to learn as long as you could convince me I wouldn’t set myself or something else on fire.

Q2.  Which of the Winter Olympic sports would you love to compete in?

Figure skating – everything else seems to involve hurling yourself down a very steep hill either upright (skiing) or on your butt (skeleton, luge, bobsled) or having very hard objects shot at your head while dodging elbows and body slams (hockey).

Q3.  What fun craft did you make when you were a kid, in school, at camp or somewhere else?

One of the coolest Christmas gifts I ever got as a child was a craft box that was an introduction to several different kinds of crafts. My favorite part was the stamped cross stitch – years later, my mother taught me counted cross stitch and the rest is history.

Q4.  If everyone in the world is the best in the world at some very specific thing, what are you most likely to be best at?

Since these questions have a crafty theme, I’d have to say I would be the best in the world at tangling embroidery floss skeins and turning them into thread barf. I usually wind my thread on bobbins to prevent this, but some of my bigger projects use almost 100 colors, and it would take too long to wind all the bobbins, so I don’t. Then the fun really begins.

Q5.  What’s something you own that was handmade by someone you know?

I have two very precious handmade items – a bridal cross stitch from my mother and a wooden storage box decorated with 3D clay from my niece that I store some fountain pen accessories in.

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