2018 Cross Stitch Plans



Over the past few years, I’ve set a cross stitching goal every January to focus my efforts on a particular facet of one of my favorite hobbies: in 2014, I decided to try linen and evenweave and have been using these fabrics ever since. 2015 was the year I branched out and tried different kinds of fibers and in 2016 I decided to try hand-dyed fabrics from suppliers other than Picture This Plus. This year, my primary goal was to finish Nutty Parade for my nephew, who collects nutcrackers and I’m thrilled to say he loved it (as you can tell from the photo!). So what does 2018 have in store? Well I’ve had a bad case of start-itis this year and at 18 works in progress (wips) it has gotten out of control.  What’s the point of starting everything if you finish nothing? The pieces I have lingering out there are ones for myself; since I’ve spent the past few years making gifts for others, I selfishly want to work on things for my home in the coming months. “Make progress” will be my theme –“progress” will be not starting anything new until at least June while I focus on each of my pieces.  I tried the other day to come up with a weekly rotational schedule and I just can’t do it.  My brain just won’t process it. I talked about it with Bill and he told me if I do that, it’ll be too much like work and then I won’t have fun with it, and he’s got a good point. I don’t think linearly enough to get hyperorganized with my cross stitch. I need to be able to do what I want when I want or I get miserable really quickly (and that’s true for most anything in life for me). One of my first posts in the new year will be photos of my projects so that I can visually track my success, and I hope to do a weekly progress report type post  and Flosstube video to keep me motivated and moving forward.  We’ll see how well this works for me in 2018 but for now, I’m going to take a couple of pieces with me home for the holidays and stitch when I have the chance.  Sounds like a plan to me!

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