Unconscious Mutterings, No. 2

train: thought

anxiety: aromatherapy

wasted: neighbors

bread: addict

open face: mushy

cheese: goat

booth: intimate

line: bold

weird: me

mattress: firm

1. Coffee keeps my train of thought from derailing in the mornings

2. I never meant to get into using essential oils but they are an amazing way to create a relaxing and peaceful, stress-free home.

3. I don’t care if my neighbors are stoners, I just wish they could contain their bad habit so I didn’t have to share it.

4. I could give up all carbs except bread. That would kill me.

5. The only exception to the above is an open faced roast beef sandwich with gravy or bread pudding. Mushy bread makes me gag.

6. I feel quite lucky to live in a town where I can buy fresh goat cheese at a farm stand across the street from my apartment.

7. When Bill and I go out to dinner I much prefer a booth because it feels more private than an open table.

8. My favorite fountain pen nibs are broad and stub nibs that lay down a juicy wet line of ink.

9. The older I get the more I embrace my inner dork.

10. I don’t know how anyone can sleep on a pillowtop mattress. I don’t have a bad back and when I do sleep on one I wake up and can barely move.

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