UMass Football – Character

Character isn’t built on the field in times of victory. Character arrives quietly, when nobody is looking, without fanfare and does not need attention or accolades. It’s built when you make the decision to put your goals above your desires and your team above yourself.

Character is built when you give your best effort at all times regardless of the circumstances. Character does not whine or act selfishly. It’s built at 6 a.m. in the rain and fog when you’d rather still be in bed. It’s built from the discipline that makes you the last to leave the weight room and the first to arrive at study hall.

Character is built by stepping up when others are stepping down, by not making excuses. Character is built upon personal responsibility and the desire to be your personal best. It doesn’t mean you don’t mistakes; instead, it means that when you do you own up to them and work to learn from them.

Strength and skill will come with practice but without character there can be no true success because character is what defines you as a man at the most basic level.

Fifty year from now, people may not remember your thirty yard touchdown sprint or your fumble recovery, but they will remember the kind of man you are.

How do you want to be remembered?

Fire the musket!! Go UMass!!!

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