52 Weeks Of Gratitude — Things You Love About Spring

How about everything but the allergies? That’s the short answer, but if I have to give specifics, here are a few things that make me happy when spring arrives:

  • the days get longer and warmer
  • my birds and chipmunk return to the feeder
  • everything smells green
  • the ability to spend more time outdoors
  • no more snow

Basically, I’m grateful for the awakening spring brings, not only to the earth but to my soul. I’m the kind of person who needs my sunlight and warmth and I’m at my mental, physical and spiritual best during the spring and summer months. I could do without the pollen, but it brings us the beauty of nature and I have year-round allergies anyway, so until I can live at the beach, 24/7, I’ll deal with the allergies in order to appreciate the beauty of spring.

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