Twenty Six Years

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Dear Bill:

With the culmination of yesterday’s off-season football practice, you finished your twenty-sixth spring season, and I couldn’t be prouder of you! Your work ethic and talent have made you an invaluable part of the teams you have worked with and even though I know you feel invisible at times, your hard work is noticed and appreciated by those who matter most. The students you have mentored have learned so much by working with you and have gained valuable skills they will carry with them their whole lives. You’re often the first one in the office and the last one to leave, and I can’t imagine how many thousands of hours of film you’ve edited over the years — all I know is that I’m so proud to tell people my husband works for UMass football. Your job has given us such incredible adventures and wonderful friendships — I feel so honored to have taken this amazing college football journey with you. Congratulations on another successful spring practice session. Here’s to many more.




2 thoughts on “Twenty Six Years

    • Well it’s the little things, like not being told about changes to the schedule until 5 minutes before practice, or constantly being harassed about the video systems when it’s user error, expecting him to go to work on his day off for kids who don’t show him any respect whatsoever, that kind of stuff. I’ll pass along your congratulations. Thanks for the support!

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