Random Musings Redux #1

Author’s Note:  I’m not sure why I ever let this series lapse, but I’ve decided to revamp it. My blog has evolved over the years but it has always featured a more creative side. I created the Random Musings as a way to vent and empty my brain of the junk society manages to cram into it on a daily basis. I can get a bit pointed in my observations but I never mean any ill will to anyone – I just have a finely honed BS detector and sometimes putting the things I can’t say in public into writing is the most cathartic use of my writing skills. Here are my first brain bubbles of the year; I can’t explain why I think the way I think but you have to admit, it can be fun to try and figure out how my brain works.

*While reading an article in Discover magazine, I couldn’t help but wonder how atheist scientists can belittle people of faith when they believe in dark matter. You can’t prove it exists but the order of the universe makes no sense without it. I don’t know about you, but that sounds suspiciously like religion to me.

*As a woman who could never have children my heart is breaking for Alfie Evans and his family. As a human being, I find it completely morally reprehensible that any government can decided who lives and who dies.

*I absolutely HATE it when people say “I hear you” – I have to force myself not to say “Of course you do, you’re not deaf” Listening and hearing are two completely different things folks, and just because you can hear doesn’t mean you listen.

*The past few weeks have sadly proven how right my mother was when she said that the hardest place to be a Christian sometimes is in church. #Preach

*Next time I try to make a doctor’s appointment with my primary care doctor, remind me to just go to the “doc in a box” (as my husband calls the urgent care center).  It’s too much of a pain to get an appointment anymore.

*Did I really just hear on the radio that a preschool in Georgetown, MA. has banned the term “best friend” because it’s exclusionary? Are you kidding me?? Way to raise the next generation of spoiled-brat whiners!

*How is what happened to Milo Yiannopolis at the Churchill Pub any different than what happened to African Americans in the pre-civil rights era? My husband made the point that Jim Crow laws were codified and systemic, which is true, but I feel we’re on a slippery slope to that again, especially when I heard that a judge in New York ruled that a restaurant had the right to refuse service to a man simply because he was wearing a MAGA hat. He was told “we don’t serve your kind in here” which is infuriating because you’d never tell someone of color or of an alternative lifestyle that. Whether you’re treated as less than because of your color or your political views, discrimination is discrimination, plain and simple. You may find what Milo Yiannopolis stands for as morally reprehensible, like I do, but sometimes you just have to ignore things and move on. As long as people aren’t breaking the law, you have no right to judge them. You’re not God.

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