UMass Football – Reawakening

The new year had barely begun when it was time to start thinking about football.

With no indoor practice facility and only a limited amount of time in which to practice, there could be no excuses.

Snow was plowed, schedules were shuffled and goals were established.

The veterans stepped aside so the rookies could have a chance to prove themselves.

Players found the will to push through, to overcome grueling conditions and unite as a team.

Dreams were born of sweat, grit and determination, of the passion to play and desire to succeed.

The foundation was laid, the challenge accepted.

Fire The Musket! Go UMass!

2 thoughts on “UMass Football – Reawakening

    • Thanks, yeah we improved last year but still have a long way to go. I think practice went better this spring – they seem to have bought into Whip’s goals more, so we shall see. I think we could easily have a 7-5 season if we focus and don’t get sloppy.

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