If you were forced to give up one sense but would gain super-sensitivity in another, what senses would you choose?

I think the most expendable sense I have is my hearing because it’s the only one that can be replaced, either with hearing aids or cochlear implants. Granted, that isn’t the same as natural hearing, but there are ways to fix your ears. I’d choose to augment my eyesight so that I would never need to fear the ravages of old age; while it’s true that you have better eyesight after cataract surgery, you can’t fight other things like macular degeneration, and using supplements as a way to stave it off is only minimally effective at best. My creative pursuits require good eyesight and it would kill me to not be able to write or cross-stitch or use my camera because my eyes were getting old. My ears have been shot for a while now anyway – I had a ruptured eardrum in my left ear as a child and I have eustachian tube dysfunction in my right, and chronic sinus infections block my ears every time I’m sick. My hearing is likely to be crap as I age, but I have been blessed to be the only one in my family who has 20/20 vision. My only concession to getting older with my sight is that I wear +1 readers when I cross stitch now, but that’s it and I hope that is how it stays for years to come.

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