Happy Anniversary, My Dearest Love

eye in the sky

Dear Bill,

When you said the blessing this morning, you thanked God for whatever convinced me to choose you — there was no convincing needed whatsoever. You know what made me love you? You talked to me for more than five minutes when we met, and made me feel like I mattered to you. I thought “well we talked for three hours and he probably doesn’t think I’m a nerd or boring, he didn’t walk away when others have,  so I want to get to know him better.” I had never had a guy pay attention to me like that before and I knew right away that you were kind and special. That was all I needed and the following months and years have proven me right zillions of times over. I don’t need anything special for our anniversary, I just need our usual routine – lots of “I love you” and sweet gestures which can be as ordinary as helping me with the laundry or taking a walk with me. Every moment is special when I share it with you. Thank you for everything sweetheart. I love you!


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