Lessons Learned and Cherished Experiences: Summer 2018

Author’s Note: Please pardon the interruption, but this is my 500th post and I want to thank all of you for the support you’ve given me on this journey. Whether you comment or not, your presence in my writing life means so much to me. Writers want to be heard in some fashion, whether in traditional media or online, and it’s such a leap of faith to put our ideas “out there” somewhere without knowing whether we’ll be accepted. I had no clue where this blog was going when I started it, and I’ve branched out into genres I’d have never considered before; I love the process of creating and sharing my random thoughts with you. Thank you and here’s to the next 500 posts.

I had an eventful summer, both in number of experiences and lessons learned, so I thought I’d share the best ones with you:

*I tried 3 Geeks and a Redhead ice cream at Bart’s in Amherst – it’s coconut ice cream with fudge pieces and raspberry streaks. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it since I don’t like raspberries but it was really good. It might be my new favorite.

*I touched a shark that a young kid had caught in the surf at Hilton Head and learned that they feel like a rubbery cat’s tongue.

*I saw a green anole out by the pool at the Island Club for the first time. After I Googled them, I learned that the males puff out their chest bladders when they feel threatened, so we inadvertently scared the poor thing to death.

*I toured the Vermont Toy Museum with Bill and learned that according to the toys I grew up with, I’m getting old.

*I tried “everything bagel” cheddar cheese at the Cabot outlet and it was delicious! Not exactly a flavor I’d have associated with cheese, but it’s basically garlic and onion, so it really worked.

*I saw the Gaga Pit at the Pinebrook Day Camp in Shutesbury and realized that it is definitely not the dodgeball I endured as a kid. I remember playing on asphalt, not in a rock-lined pit, and I’m pretty sure that I was never encouraged to take someone’s knees out when I played.

*I learned that mosquitos think my husband is a tasty treat. I mean, I agree, but do they have to leave him with such brutal welts?

*I learned that rotten peaches will explode if left in a plastic bag in a hot apartment for a week (more on this later).

*I had a facial on vacation and am convinced that a monthly facial should be a routine part of everyone’s wellness regimen.

*I met my new neighbors and their dog Quinlan, and learned that an Irish Greyhound is a purebred dog.

*I learned that peanut butter English muffins are my new favorite breakfast food.

*While driving from Charleston to Hilton Head, I learned that places like Backache Acres and Cuckold Landing exist in the backwoods of South Carolina.

*After the passing of one of my best friends and the loss of my hair stylist’s daughter, I have learned to never let “I love you” go unsaid. Whether it’s family or friends, I will make sure everyone in my life who I care about knows how I feel.





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