52 Weeks of Gratitude – Your Favorite Physical Activity

My favorite physical activity is walking and I’m thankful for the exercise and the mental escape it affords me at the end of a long day. I love to take long walks with Bill and some of our best and most meaningful conversations have happened while we’re walking around campus, Lake Wyola, the bike trail,  or Amherst. I like to push myself to go further than I have been before, and I take a water bottle  and my phone (I have the MapMyFitness app instead of a Fitbit) with me and just go for it. The longest walk I’ve taken was when I did my charity walks to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and I was determined to do the 10K, which is about six miles. The group I walked with missed a sign showing where we were supposed to turn, so we ended up going further than we should have; by the time we were done, we’d almost walked eight miles. I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful area with so many amazing places to walk and get away from the real world with my sweetie.

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